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20. november 2011 at 20:52 | Carol |  My life

First, after taking a bath and washing my hair, I wanted to carry on watching the 4th episode of Anego (Ok I gotta admit I actually have a problem! I'm SO addicted to all Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese dramas. Whatever, it's still better than heroin). BUT... I thought I should really write something on my blog finally. And here we go...

As time goes by, I ask myself over and over the same question:

What the hell is wrong with me?

... And I'm not talking about my higher temperatures all the time now, I've written about that topic so many articles so far, so I'm not gonna keep writing about it any longer. I just feel SO different, like I'm not from this planet. Later this school year I'm taking school-leaving exams and I'm so lazy, I can't concentrate on studiyng. Even though I'm really trying my best right now, the few days off we had this weekend I spent trying to learn economy - learn it very hard! - Ok, not that hard since after quater of an hour I ended up staring at the wall....

Even staring at the wall is more interesting while learning....

OK I think I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms 'cause of not watching Anego... So hope to see you all soon, tomorrow's Monday again... So it's time to hide my mind to some beautiful distant place and wake up on Friday.



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1 Demetra | Web | 23. november 2011 at 21:07 | React

Sakra, teď nevím v jakym jazyce mam odpovídat :D
Každopádně já se taky zatim moc nepřipravuju. Zkoušela jsem si scio testy z angličtiny a češtiny a oba jsem měla za 1, juhů. Což ale nic neznamená, že jo.
Já se k tý maturitě nějak prokrastinuju. Víc mě snad děsí maturák než matura :D

2 Carol | 24. november 2011 at 12:46 | React

[1]: Čeština stačí :D Maturák mě taky dost děsí. Ještě ta představa že mě čeká rodičovskej tanec s tátou, ale v životě sem netančila. :D (Ok, tak jenom jednou, ale byla to katastrofa :D)

3 Dem | Web | 27. november 2011 at 13:54 | React

Já mam hrůzu z toho, že až půjdu po tom koberci, tak nastane hrobové ticho :D :D

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